Monday, September 7, 2009

had a terrific time out at mom's today. sun came out just in time for me to sit out on the patio and do the sunday new york times' crossword puzzle. which i finished. yay me. but the best thing about mom's is the best food in the world. and today it was homemade plum cobbler. pure heaven, with plums from the tree in the backyard. and of course the company of her two kittehs, Gus and Tillie. who needs TV when you can watch cats?
today i risked it all for love and it paid off. i go to london on the 24th with my sweetheart joyously awaiting my arrival.
tomorrow it's back to the YMCA, meet a friend for lunch, then back home for more improvements. i'd like to get started on these new storage units in the former billard room.
Peace, love and kittehs,

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