Monday, August 31, 2009

full moons really mess with your head. i feel terribly out of balance and a just a moment ago thought i was on the verge of a panic attack. i just did some deep breathing and self-calming, which worked.

dinner at Petra Mediterrenean Bistro was terrific. good food and good company. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes middle eastern food. i was the only non-arab at the table, i think. we talked a lot about arab music and culture, and how americans tend to think that all muslims are arabs, and all arabs are muslims. 'tain't so. the country with the largest population of muslims is indonesia. and a goodly number of lebanese-americans are catholic! some people are just so willfully ignorant. not me, of course. Andy asked our party what the most common name in the world is, and i answered 'mohammed', which was correct. then he asked 'what's the most common last name', and me, who always likes to have the right answer and win quizzes, guessed 'chang'? yes! laila wants me for the next trivia challenge. or maybe the next gathering will be arab karaoke, which i'm definitely not missing.

tomorrow is the first of september, so no more futzing around, time to get serious about change and transformation. which means eating breakfast, no going hours and hours without food, and getting out of bed (not just waking up) around 7 or so. wish me luck, folks, 'cause i'm a lazy sod.

Peace, love and kittehs


Sunday, August 30, 2009

oops. didn't post anything from friday or saturday. lazy lazy me.

the ymca reopens tomorrow after a week off for maintenance, so i'm heading down there to get back into the exercise groove. still haven't found my lock, but i have another that i think will do. it's such a CHORE to get myself down there, although i always end up having a good time and feeling great afterward. also, the recycling is piling up again and must be taken out.

not feeling terribly inspired to write anything memorable tonight. a full moon is due in a few days and i already see signs of this in my strange moods and people being absolutely clueless. or maybe it's just the end of summer thing.

peace, love and kittehs.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

the food at india bistro is dee-lish. bro jon and i had a great lunch on my gift certificate (won in last september's slog happy trivia contest). of course i did tip handsomely, as the service was as good as the food. we shall return sometime in the future, perhaps when i'm a bit more flush. right now i'm just flash. hot flash. not groovy. or as the kids used to say, this is just so wrong on so many levels! well, enough whinging about that. time to BUCK UP and move forward.

peace, love and kittehs.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i found one of my missing bras. to me, this is a big deal. that narrows the missing items list down to my ymca lock, discount movie tickets and tamoxifen prescription. tomorrow is lunch with brother jon at the india bistro on roosevelt. one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is enjoying indian food with jon. actually, doing anything with jon is one of my favorite things. and because i have a gift certificate won in a stranger slog happy trivia contest, the meal will be gratis (that's latin for "free"). just checked two websites for restaurant reviews and it was mostly positive. this bodes well.

the cat is lurking, and giving me significant looks. i think it means she wants wet food. she is now doing things to get my attention, like scratching the kitchen cupboard doors. to see is to obey, o great cat. i can refuse her nothing. well, almost nothing. i'm not that much of a crazy cat lady.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A good day for cooking and baking. Boiled the organic spuds and had a few for lunch. Made a cake mix chocolate cake in the early afternoon, and ratatouille from scratch in the evening. it is simmering slowly on the stove, waiting for me to taste it. of course, it will taste better tomorrow morning. ooh, la la! takes a lot of cutting and peeling and chopping, but it is worth it, mon brave. perhaps next week i'll make vegetarian french onion soup. don't laugh, it's possible.

if the weather is agreeable tomorrow, i'll be out and about. if it's cool and rainy, time to stay in and do more clutter clearing. and so to bed.

arf. i forgot to post something last night. i shall do two today to make up for it.

headed to MacPherson's Produce last night for ratatouille ingredients. it was the perfect seattle evening to be out and about. not too hot, not too cold. i also picked up a couple of big ol' washington peaches. but i can't find the moosewood cookbook with the foolproof ratatouille recipe! i may have to wing it. i might bake a cake today, too. we shall see.

the road to enlightenment is long and difficult, so don't forget to bring snacks and magazines.


Update: found the moosewood cookbook ratatouille recipe on the interwebs. thank you, syracuse new times.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

note to self: eat something every three hours, hungry or not.

made a small dent in the clutter today. cleaned out fridge, ran dishwasher, washed clothes. tomorrow i go to the blood bank and will probably be turned down again due to lack of iron. chewing on rebar doesn't help. also, i still can't find my ymca lock and tamoxifen prescription, not to mention some discount movie tickets. will keep looking.

today's money saving tip: when regular income isn't forthcoming (as in my situation), sit yourself down and write a list of everything you do have (clothes, shoes, toilet paper, books, bed linens, etc.). this will remind you not to buy something you already have and don't need. also, write down each day's expenditure. and pay cash. not a check, not a debit card, but cash money. if you have any ideas, please share them in the comments section.

why is it that KING FM only plays Phillip Glass at 2 or 3 in the morning? i want my Glass prime time.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

the weather is cooler. so where's my motivation? my ambition to clean up the mess? is it because i have these self-defeating thoughts that i'll never be done? that the clutter will multiply like the brooms in the sorcerer's apprentice? i am such a wimp, really i am. but ya know what? change is hard. getting rid of old ways of doing and thinking takes tremendous effort. putting things back, taking out the recyclables every week instead of every other month, getting out of bed when you first wake up, you know, simple things that everyone save me does.

well, enough of the whinging. i did take several before pictures of my place, and i tell ya, it couldn't get any worse than it is right now. which reminds me, i'm cutting this short to load up the dishwasher RAT NOW and after that fold laundry and listen to Die Walkure, which is much better on radio than in person, and i speak as someone who's done both.

Hiyo toho!


Friday, August 21, 2009

today was cooler and cloudier and just plain lovely. maybe tonight i won't have to sleep with two fans going. i saw a trailer for "The Wolf Man" starring Benicio Del Toro (muy caliente) where poor Benicio, as the titular lupine, gets dunked in a pool of ice water, and i tell ya, that looked mighty good to me. especially if Senor Del Toro would be waiting at water's edge with a fluffy towel and come-hither eyes. if you don't know what come-hither eyes are, you're probably under 50 years old. The movie isn't due for release until February of next year, which is a stone tease! i have to wait that long to see one of the best and best-looking actors around in a role he was born to play? Shipoopy.

I saw this trailer before the main attraction, "Inglourious Basterds", and I will write about that tomorrow, as I feel unwelcome warmth creeping up on me. i will say that of the coming attractions, Halloween II, Avatar, and Inception didn't get my attention, but Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island" did. but not as much as "El Hombre Lobo". i must hasten to add that it does not take place in spain or mexico, but good ol' fashioned Victorian England, and judging from the preview, Benicio doesn't have much of an accent. maybe his character spent his boyhood in the States.

anyhoo, off to bed, where perhaps dreams of a spanish-speaking, very hirsute man may await.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

back steps look so much better now that Hennie and i scrubbed off the dirt and grime. it was a little harder to get rid of the moss on the walkway. still, it is an improvement. she also showed me what plants were weeds and what were not and what plants just need controlling as they tend to get out of hand. i cut some rosemary from our bush on the southeast corner and it smells lovely! the cat was hiding where i couldn't find her when i got back to the condo. she gave me quite a fright, as i thought she had wandered out the door when i left it ajar for a minute or so. ha ha. she was under a small side table, sulking. even after i pulled her out and cuddled her, she wasn't having it. about 30 minutes later she jumped on my bed for some attention. this was a big sulk, folks. not even greenies and wet food could placate her. i love her anyway, and she's just caught on that i'm home more than usual nowadays. i hope the weather cools down tomorrow and for several days after, as i have some serious house cleaning to do, and cooler temperatures put me in a better mood for hauling out trash and recyclables. last post of the day, because the front room gets very warm in the evenings.
Peace, love and kittehs!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i am sweating profusely. and i'm not even having a hot flash. this is gonna be one of those take a shower every ten minutes night. i did my research on hot flashes, and they increase in hot weather. well, that's just GREAT!!! however, they decrease with exercise. i'm goin' to the YMCA tomorrow and do some cardio in the pool.

first day of leave went well. had indian food for lunch, and bought Winkie some Greenies at Mud Bay Granary. as soon as the weather cools down, as it will, the big clean up will commence. but tomorrow is scrub down the back walkway with my neighbor Hennie. she will also teach me weed identification.

and so to bed, sweatily.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tuesday evening

it's either very warm this evening, or i'm having another hot flash. i think it's probably the hot flash. my leave starts tomorrow, and the cat is very pleased about this. if only i could hire her out as a model or something for some extra money.

i came home with a bag full of fresh, organic produce. two large eggplants, which means ratatouille is definitely in my future. that is, when i clean up the kitchen, et al. also included was onions, carrots, opal basil, peaches, nectarines, salad greens, yellow cherry tomatoes, and a cucumber. this is gonna be a good week for food.

all for tonight, folks. sweet dreams.


Monday, August 17, 2009

My grandfather Clyde Lockwood was born on this day in 1901, a true turn of the century baby. i believe he was born at home, on the kitchen table. it was often a case of the doctor and the baby arriving at the same time in the bitterroot valley in montana. Happy birthday Pa, the best grandfather anyone could have!

my first post

this blog will start in earnest on wednesday, the first day of my seven week medical leave (well, it's not a medical leave, but we'll call it that to be diplomatic. someone from work might read this and get me shitcanned. can't have that). anyway, matt hickey suggested i write a blog, so i'm taking him up on his idea. we'll see where it goes, and if anyone read it. who knows? i might just get into it.

peace and go naked,

Pushy McShove