Saturday, August 22, 2009

the weather is cooler. so where's my motivation? my ambition to clean up the mess? is it because i have these self-defeating thoughts that i'll never be done? that the clutter will multiply like the brooms in the sorcerer's apprentice? i am such a wimp, really i am. but ya know what? change is hard. getting rid of old ways of doing and thinking takes tremendous effort. putting things back, taking out the recyclables every week instead of every other month, getting out of bed when you first wake up, you know, simple things that everyone save me does.

well, enough of the whinging. i did take several before pictures of my place, and i tell ya, it couldn't get any worse than it is right now. which reminds me, i'm cutting this short to load up the dishwasher RAT NOW and after that fold laundry and listen to Die Walkure, which is much better on radio than in person, and i speak as someone who's done both.

Hiyo toho!


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