Friday, August 21, 2009

today was cooler and cloudier and just plain lovely. maybe tonight i won't have to sleep with two fans going. i saw a trailer for "The Wolf Man" starring Benicio Del Toro (muy caliente) where poor Benicio, as the titular lupine, gets dunked in a pool of ice water, and i tell ya, that looked mighty good to me. especially if Senor Del Toro would be waiting at water's edge with a fluffy towel and come-hither eyes. if you don't know what come-hither eyes are, you're probably under 50 years old. The movie isn't due for release until February of next year, which is a stone tease! i have to wait that long to see one of the best and best-looking actors around in a role he was born to play? Shipoopy.

I saw this trailer before the main attraction, "Inglourious Basterds", and I will write about that tomorrow, as I feel unwelcome warmth creeping up on me. i will say that of the coming attractions, Halloween II, Avatar, and Inception didn't get my attention, but Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island" did. but not as much as "El Hombre Lobo". i must hasten to add that it does not take place in spain or mexico, but good ol' fashioned Victorian England, and judging from the preview, Benicio doesn't have much of an accent. maybe his character spent his boyhood in the States.

anyhoo, off to bed, where perhaps dreams of a spanish-speaking, very hirsute man may await.


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