Thursday, August 20, 2009

back steps look so much better now that Hennie and i scrubbed off the dirt and grime. it was a little harder to get rid of the moss on the walkway. still, it is an improvement. she also showed me what plants were weeds and what were not and what plants just need controlling as they tend to get out of hand. i cut some rosemary from our bush on the southeast corner and it smells lovely! the cat was hiding where i couldn't find her when i got back to the condo. she gave me quite a fright, as i thought she had wandered out the door when i left it ajar for a minute or so. ha ha. she was under a small side table, sulking. even after i pulled her out and cuddled her, she wasn't having it. about 30 minutes later she jumped on my bed for some attention. this was a big sulk, folks. not even greenies and wet food could placate her. i love her anyway, and she's just caught on that i'm home more than usual nowadays. i hope the weather cools down tomorrow and for several days after, as i have some serious house cleaning to do, and cooler temperatures put me in a better mood for hauling out trash and recyclables. last post of the day, because the front room gets very warm in the evenings.
Peace, love and kittehs!

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