Monday, August 31, 2009

full moons really mess with your head. i feel terribly out of balance and a just a moment ago thought i was on the verge of a panic attack. i just did some deep breathing and self-calming, which worked.

dinner at Petra Mediterrenean Bistro was terrific. good food and good company. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes middle eastern food. i was the only non-arab at the table, i think. we talked a lot about arab music and culture, and how americans tend to think that all muslims are arabs, and all arabs are muslims. 'tain't so. the country with the largest population of muslims is indonesia. and a goodly number of lebanese-americans are catholic! some people are just so willfully ignorant. not me, of course. Andy asked our party what the most common name in the world is, and i answered 'mohammed', which was correct. then he asked 'what's the most common last name', and me, who always likes to have the right answer and win quizzes, guessed 'chang'? yes! laila wants me for the next trivia challenge. or maybe the next gathering will be arab karaoke, which i'm definitely not missing.

tomorrow is the first of september, so no more futzing around, time to get serious about change and transformation. which means eating breakfast, no going hours and hours without food, and getting out of bed (not just waking up) around 7 or so. wish me luck, folks, 'cause i'm a lazy sod.

Peace, love and kittehs


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