Tuesday, September 8, 2009

they are suffering at work without me. muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

okay, that's enough schadenfreude. mary did say they were busy and she never realized how much i actually do as front desk person. damn skippy there's a lot to do. that will change, however, when i return in oh, say, a few weeks or so.

had a very nice lunch with mary at grand central bakery, and regaled her with tales of working at a french restaurant with crappy food and an explosive french chef whose taste buds had been shot off in the algerian conflict and as a result the food was heavy on the MSG. now it's a sports bar. Ha! the irony! tempus fugits.

tomorrow i shall see to the bedroom again. no more going out and dinking around until it looks better in there. unfortunately, rod s won't be starting work on the new basement storage units until the end of the month. i shall try to encourage him to start after he returns from vacation. i need a place for my stuff.

The kitteh's new nickname is "Winkie Sue". i am watching battlestar galactica from the beginning and it's still a tad confusing. great acting and superb writing. i'm at the beginning the three hour mini series. then i shall work my way through the subsequent seasons.

all for now.

Peace, love and kittehs.


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